2WT 2K14

We Are 2 Women Talking!

A dynamic new local television network of women in television and film.

Women On The Move!

We encourage women of all ages and cultures to partake in this growth movement for women empowerment in the arts and creative programming.

Creating a working environment for creative development for women in TV through TWT projects and partnerships.

We encourage university and high school partnerships. As well seek skilled and qualified leaders of the community, and education investors for mentoring in business through training and entrepreneurial exploration. 

If you would like to be a part of this exciting endeavor we greatly welcome your support through volunteerism, internships, donations and our Keypoint Sponsorship Programs.

Contact Us Today.

We’re 2 Women Talking!

info@2womentalking.com. Please place SPONSORS in the subject box when inquiring.

Thank you.

Together we can accomplish great things!

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